Saturday, July 5, 2008

Street Outreach by the non-profits. Where is it?

I have always thought that there was not enough street outreach for the homeless in Ft. Worth. Where are the messages that your life doesn't have to be this way. Where are the messages that say, "You can do better, You can change the direction of your Life, You don't have to live like this," etc. While sitting in a meeting the other day, I asked Beckie Wach, Director of Operations, The Salvation Army, if they had info for GEDS, AA Groups and all the things we were discussing in the meeting available for people to see on the bullentin boards at the Salvation Army. Becky seemed irritated that I would ask such question and said Yes there was info posted. After the meeting, I went to the Salvation Army and took the above pictures of their bulletin areas. IMO, this was a false statement by Ms. Wach. She told me a lie. I suppose one could argue this point, I mean there is some info on the board; however, it's not the kind I was talking about and it sure didn't include the groups and services we were discussing in the meeting. Beckie Wach gets paid her salary whether the neighborhood is clean or regardless of how many drunks they help off of the streets. Same for the Executives, Managers, Supervisors, case workers at MHMR. Those are jobs and it's a business just like the for profits plus the large ones are bureaucracies full of mis-managed jobs and workers.


Anonymous said...

Suzette as an employee of one of the agencies that work with the Salvation Army I continue to be disheartned by your attitude. In fact, I specifically remember a flyer at our agency promoting an AA class at The Salvation Army. I did call to verify that they had classes because I knew that one of my peers was teaching it. They do in fact have a class. Does one need to be called a liar because a brochure when you walked in isn't on the bulletin board which by the way must have access to hundreds of individuals a day. Bulletin boards out in the open like that are very hard to monitor. One could say that you could've taken it down. Is that worth calling someone a liar?

I have known you for so many years and the negative reputation you have within our city. It would be so nice for once if you would be part of the solution. Why don't you offer to assist in helping the "homeless" with teaching a group yourself on something that you specialize in?

While we all know you have a right to your own opinion....but at least get your facts straight.

Suzette said...

Anonymous - Thanks so much for reading and most of all expressing your opinion. It doesn't surprise me that people associated with the Salvation Army and/or people who conduct business in the politically correct way (IOW, don't make any waves)would be "disheartened" by my politically incorrect way of putting forth the truth. The point I was making is not that the SA does not have any AA classes but that the people walking our neighborhood don't know about them. The people that the SA feeds for free every single day, can't see the brochure that you spoke of, there is no street outreach. Bulletin Boards being "hard to monitor" is an excuse, IMO. There are several people at the desk not 10 feet from these boards that could easity "monitor" the boards. How could you possibly have "known me for so many years?" I've only been in the neighborhood for 3. As far as the "negative rep I have in the City..." depends on who you talk to and what agenda they tout, if any. The point is...the Director of Operations for the Salvation Army said that they advertised many outreach programs on their bulletin board for substance abuse, GED ReEntry Classes and various other help classes for people re-entering society after prison. That was a lie as evidenced by the pictures. I will stand by my claim that there is not enough street outreach for the homeless population and that the Executive at the Salvation Army did not have her facts straight on the contents of her bulletin board. IMO, my facts are straight.

Anonymous said...

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