Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Respect Politicians just because they have an office?

Many people in this world believe in "respecting the office" and frown upon those of us that tell it like it is and hold nothing back when it comes to placing the truth in the laps of elected officials who do not do their jobs of "protecting the people" which is the reason for government in the first place! It is absolutely disgusting to me to see the Senate leaders, including both of our Presidential candidates saying that "we as leaders must step up to the plate and ask the taxpayers to pay for our corruption." It is despicable, fraudulent, corrupt and certainly not deserving of any respect whatsoever! People say, well Suzette, you just aren't smart enough to understand all the implications, etc. I say, I am smart enough to know that we elected you to do your job of PROTECTING and speaking up for WHAT IS RIGHT for the people and you have been caught at doing neither! We the people should NOT reward your actions and you get no support from me in asking me to cover your lack of moral judgement in your choices -- no matter how your choices (or lack thereof) affect me and my household or livelihood. I'd rather take my chances with recession/depression than with any of you supporting this crazy bill no matter what kind of "sweeteners" you throw in. And No, I am not responsible for making sure that every person in America owns a home or has health insurance. Exception being, individuals who do not have the physical or mental ability to provide for themselves due to non-self inflicted reasons. I am so sick of politicians robbing the tax payers of more and more money on all levels of government: Federal, State and LOCAL! And so many want to whine and point fingers when we "disrespect" their offices! Give me a break!! They deserve nothing more than disrespect from every single one of us average tax payers! All the more reason we should pay closer attention to our local politics and support their campaigns when we find one that we believe in. If we don't, we leave it to Corporate America to buy our politicians. Hence, Presidential Election 2008!


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Political figures, CEO.s, Military Brass, they all are people and should be given respect only if they deserve respect.

But, I am more of an anarchist minded person than most feel comfortable with.

Suzette Watkins said...

ole blue - you don't have to answer, but I have to ask... does that mean that you are obligated to vote Libertarian?

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I normally vote third party. Usually a party I know can't win so that I cannot be blamed. ;-)