Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stray Dogs here, stray dogs there, stray dogs everywhere in East Ft. Worth

The three Districts that use more of your tax dollars for Animal Control services than any of the others are: District 5 (East Ft. Worth), District 2 (North Ft. Worth) and District 8 (East Ft. Worth).
Reference: Public Health Dept. of Ft. Worth

Ft. Worth does not have an animal Adoption Center, Ft. Worth does not have a Spay & Neuter Clinic (under construction as of 2008), Ft. Worth Animal Control Services does not have the staff, nor funding for staff to conduct the needed sweeps nor the space to impound dogs. Ft. Worth has no spay/neuter law requirements, Ft. Worth does not strictly enforce the dog laws that are now on the books. These factors contribute to the lessened Quality of Life in East and North Ft. Worth. Why? Because we cannot safely ride our bikes and walk down our neighborhood streets for fear of stray dogs, our children (and adults) see the improper care of dogs and think that it is normal to neglect dogs, people can't sleep at night for the sound of a crying dog stuck in a crate day in and day out, etc.

What can we do about this concern? Elect people to the City Council who will actually care enough to speak up for and fight for your tax dollars to be spent in appropriate places, for the laws to be strictly enforced and for the tax payers to be properly and effectively served by listening to your concerns.

Humane Society of North Texas is a blessing for the City of Ft. Worth. It is a privately funded organization and without it, the CFW would have millions more stray, diseased, dangerous, neglected, abused dogs.

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