Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Help the animals, order a specialized license plate

Did you know that if you purchase this specialized license plate that you help control our out of control animal population here in Texas that our law makers and enforcers are allowing to happen day after day?

Thanks to Texas drivers’ support of the Animal Friendly Fund, the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has been able to distribute grant funds for spay/neuter surgeries for 30,241 dogs and cats in Texas. This has potentially prevented the unwanted births of approximately 1 million cats and 500,000 dogs over the next seven years! An additional benefit is that the 30,241 animals have received rabies vaccinations. By the conclusion of the 2008 fiscal year, DSHS will have distributed $1,196,493 in grants toward the low-cost spays and neuters.

If you would like to help reduce pet overpopulation in Texas, click here to order your Animal Friendly license plate.

If you already have an Animal Friendly license plate, thank you for being part of the solution!
Spay/Neuter Myths and Facts
Myth: Female dogs and cats should have at least one litter before having them spayed.
Fact: The best time to spay your female dog or cat is before her first heat. Early spaying greatly reduces the possibility of developing uterine, ovarian, or mammary cancer.
Myth: An animal’s behavior changes drastically after surgery.
Fact: The only changes in behavior you will see are positive ones. Male cats tend to reduce their territorial spraying, depending upon the age they are neutered. Male cats and dogs fight less, wander less, and greatly reduce their chances of being hit by a car or getting lost.
Myth: Animals become fat and lazy after being spayed or neutered.
Fact: Overweight animals are usually overfed and do not get enough exercise. If your pet is fat, reduce his calories and increase his walks and play time.


Spay Em said...

I am writing from a clinic that wrote a grant and was awarded a portion of these funds. I assure you that the spays and neuters being provided to dogs and cats of qualifying low-income Texas owners are effectively reducing the overwhelming burden on rescues, shelters and Texas taxpayers. Thank you for buying these specialty plates. Your donation, filtered through the government is effective use of funds. The families that benefit from this program are screened to target a group of previously reproductive dogs and cats significantly adding to this preventable Texas tragedy.

Only slightly behind this group causing Texas pet overpopulation, is the stupidity and greed of the puppy mills and back yard breeders spewing forth sad unwanted lives into the short-loved arms of so many IMPULSIVE new pet owners. This to make a few bucks. If you have to advertise to sell a pet, you shouldn't be in the "business". Find a REAL job that is a healthy part of the economy. 25% of the animals euthanized at shelters are purebred. Stop the stupidity. I have nothing against well-researched, careful, thoughtful breeding of PROVEN show dogs or cats. ONLY these responsible breeders insist their pet-grade animals be spayed and neutered BEFORE going into a new home. All others are directly causing needless death and have "blue juice" on their hands.

Adopt to save a life from a shelter that euthanizes. Encourage Spay/Neuter. Don't build more shelters or more kennels at shelters.

Build more spay/neuter clinics. It works.

Suzette said...

spay em - Thank you for commenting!! I must get the license plates and I will apply for the grant! We must do something about our abuse of animals, especially dogs! It is truly cruel, heart wrenching and heart breaking what is allowed to go on in our communities. What are we teaching our children?! Especially the children who are already at risk of deprevation of nuture and love. I'm excited about the grant. This is one of those governmental things that actually work!! Thank you again for visiting.