Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meadowbrook Middle School Needs Saving

It was heartbreaking to see the headlines in the Star-Telegram about Meadowbrook Middle School being knocked down another notch and on the brink of being closed. Meadowbrook Middle has improved greatly because of a great energetic, intelligent and rare leader like Cherie Washington, Principal. Cherie Washington says in the video, why not a certain percentage of improvement count for something? The school's test scores have improved, but not enough according to current law laid down by our politicians in Washington.
Once again, parental involvement is one of the key ingredients missing in action when talking about the children's test scores and grades. (politically incorrect thing to say)

Even Barack Obama agrees and mentioned the need and importance of parental involvement regarding Education last night in the debate, so maybe all of you that want to label me as something other than a caring and concerned citizen, will back off your rhetoric since this very idea is being touted by someone of color and has the name of Barack Obama.

Somehow, someway, we must find a way to require, coax, encourage, demand, push, teach parents to assume their responsibilities in regards to their children that they have chosen. Someone asked me the other day, "How in the hell can the parents teach what they don't know?!" My reply was that we have to find a way. We have to dig in and find solutions and it can't ALL be placed on the school districts and/or taxpayers.


Obama said this said...

Here is Obama's quote about more parental involvement in education:

"But there's one last ingredient that I just want to mention, and that's parents. We can't do it just in the schools. Parents are going to have to show more responsibility. They've got to turn off the TV set, put away the video games, and, finally, start instilling that thirst for knowledge that our students need.


Recyclican said...

You and I sign the same, sad song.

I really, really wish I knew what the solution is. I am no parent, yet, though I try to do my part to make a positive difference in the lives of the young. My avenue is through Scouting; and in some instances I have seen it have as much of a (positive) impact on the father's life as it has for his son.

Some day, teachers will love me and fellow parents will loathe me, as I intend to be as involved in organizations like the PTA as I can possibly afford. And I won't be afraid to stand up in a school auditorium and tell my peers that they we have great teachers - it's the parents that need to be fired!

Suzette Watkins said...

Recyclican - Keep on doing what you are doing. One by one, we will make a big difference. Thank you for your comments and your dedication to our future.