Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whynot a Moratorium on Drillling in Ft. Worth?

I absolutely love this persons comments on . I so agree with every word:

"The travesty is, is that this whole thing was set into motion by our city leaders without adequate forethought, foresight, planned course of action, or proactive regulation/zoning/etc. Now, after the horses have escaped, the city is working on the barn door."
Posted by: sgmorr

City Leaders: Mike Moncrief, Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks, Danny Scarth, Salvador Espino, Frank Moss, Carter Burdette, The Great Chuck Silcox, Joel Burns, Jungus Jordan

And then there's this comment:

"This barnett shale project is the best and most important thing to happen in Tarrant County in decades. The production and drilling is bringing hundreds of millions of dollars directly into property owners pockets.If you don't own property, sorry, don't know what to tell you except you are outta luck trying to stop this. The power of us wanting OUR money for OUR property far outweighs the puny little anti-drilling/change movement.Red, yellow, black and white, poor or wealthy, young or old, if you own property you are getting money. One thing everyone has overlooked is there appears to be no racism or discrimination and everyone that owns property is getting money."
Posted by: Oil Landman

I could go on about our City "Leaders" all night, but I won't.....not now. I don't really know what to think other than there is something about Chesapeake that I don't trust and alot of "experts" seem like they are selling me something and I look at our City Council and I'm not impressed, enough of the time, I don't feel confident that they are "in it for us," the middle class and lower, of Fort Worth.

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