Monday, August 18, 2008

County Commissioner RC Brooks blames "the system."

Just another day in minority leaders blaming "the system" instead of looking at the stats of lower income, black and hispanic communities and looking for ways to empower the parents of children who made the choice to unzip their pants and take the risk of bearing a child when they could not afford such emotionally or financially.

"To me that says that there’s something wrong with the system, not with the kids, that somehow the system is failing to capture their imaginations or to transmit to them the importance of staying in school or even making them feel that there are possibilities for them within the school system," Roy Brooks, County Commissioner.

What about all the parents that the principals can't get involved in their children's education? Whynot put some responsibilty and accountability there instead of blaming the schools? Please don't vote for RC Brooks again. Let's start with addressing the source of issues rather than the end products of such? Can we please dig a little deeper? Can we please go there? I know it's a "sensitive cultural" issue, but please, let's use our brains.

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