Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fort Worth is contaminated with Irresponsible Politicians

We need a Moratorium on Gas Drilling in Fort Worth until we, the people, know the truth about what we are getting into -- what the risks are, environmentally, physically and physiologically. Call me an alarmist. Call me cynical. Call me whatever suits you. It doesn't matter to me. I've heard enough, seen enough and read enough to know that to go forward with so many unanswered questions and so much exemptness of our laws that the energy companies have been given by our policitians, we are fools to not DEMAND that Ft. Worth City Council and Mayor enact a Moratorium NOW. Our Mayor reluctantly put together a second Gas Drilling Task Force that includes 50% gas company representation (and our City Council said nothing), our Mayor has made at least $500K on the the drilling (how can he be objective), our Mayor and City Council members are telling us that "they can't stop anything because the City would be sued by landowners who want their minerals produced at any cost to the people of Ft. Worth" (since when does money trump safety of the citizens, our drinking water and our environment?). It is WRONG what our City Council members in Fort Worth, Texas are allowing to happen in our City. It is WRONG for our State Legislators to allow this to happen. It is WRONG for our Federal Legislators to allow this to happen. (exception for Lon Burnam, State Rep who is the only one I've personally heard from State level with the guts and backbone to speak out and be counted -- Thank you Mr. Burnam!)

Please help us save our City of Ft. Worth, Texas ("Cowtown") and email our irresponsible City Council members and Mayor and ask that they enact a Moratorium now until there is a Master Plan for the City:

Mayor Mike Moncrief mayor@fortworthgov.org

Here are some links to some facts concerning drilling that our City Council members are ignoring; turning a blind eye and deaf ear at the request of Mayor Mike Moncrief:

"It's laughable," Colborn said. "It's so right in your face - so bad. It just shows what little control the government has over this."

"Behr has largely recovered, but her ordeal has the community asking fresh questions about the chemicals used to extract the area's natural gas - the gas that heats millions of American homes and serves as an economic engine for the Four Corners.
ZetaFlow and similar chemicals are exempt from many federal and state environmental laws."
"Few people know exactly what companies are pumping into the ground. It's a trade secret, and the companies like Weatherford, which supplies ZetaFlow, do not share their recipes with government regulators."

"A nurse at Mercy Regional Medical Center fell gravely ill from chemical exposure after treating a sick gas-field worker in April. "

"Cathy Behr is back at work and recovering after she fell ill from helping a man who showed up at the hospital soaked in unknown chemicals. The worker's company wouldn't share information about the chemicals that could have helped Behr's doctor diagnose and treat her injury, she said.
At the time, she was suffering from liver, heart and lung failure in Mercy's intensive care unit. "

"Three companies - Halliburton, Schlumberger and BJ Services - dominate the fracing industry."

"Fracing chemicals aren't regulated under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, said Renee Lewis Kosnik with the Oil and Gas Accountability Project in Durango."

"Despite some studies on the hazards of oil
and gas, there has been no comprehensive
scientific monitoring or exposure assessment for
an industrial activity present in nearly two-thirds
of U.S. states—with more than half a million
locations that could be emitting toxic materials
to workers and nearby residents. The need for
further research is evident.
Some individuals choose not to share their
stories, especially in communities with local
economies dependent on the oil and gas industry."

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