Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pitt Bull Abuse is out of control in Frank Moss' District 5 East Ft. Worth

As usual when driving thru District 5 (South Ft. Worth) around Miller Ave & Ramey, I noticed a gorgeous white Pitt Bull in a backyard tied to a chain. I backed up to take a picture and noticed many Pitts tied to chains throughout the backyard of this house. If you look closely, you can see at least 3-4 dogs in the pictures. I have called Animal Control previously on this address. The problem with people breeding these dogs to sell to more ignorant dog owners for extra money and/or for fighting is totally out of control in District 5 and probably other parts of Ft. Worth. If you care about the well being of dogs, please email the Mayor and all of the council members in this great City of Ft. Worth and let them know that something more must be done about the abuse of Pitt Bulls. Again, I support strict spay & neuter laws, the strictest of enforcement of current Ordinances such as the newly passed no tethering of dogs to stationary objects (trees, cars, pipes, etc.), a watch list for offenders of dog laws, and mandatory educational classes for dog abuse offenders, community service working in Ft. Worth Animal Shelter. I mean if dogs have been taken out of your custody before, you should be on a list for random Animal Control checks every 6 months. Yes, this will cost more of your tax dollars. However at the rate we are going, the dog situation is so out of control that your tax dollars that are spent on Animal Control now, aren't near enough to make a dent in the situation.

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