Thursday, April 10, 2008

CAPS-MI it's goal is to find a house for 5-7 mentally ill Fortworthians

The founder, Lynne Curran, has just received her 503C non profit designation which means that if you donate to the org, you are eligible for a tax deduction. Lynne is very experienced and knowledgeable in working in peer run (very inexpensive) facilities. She has been in a leadership role with The Paradise Center ( ) which is a peer ran Community Center for persistently and severely mential ill individuals. There is absolutely no place for m.i. people to go in Fort Worth except jail and JPS for 3 days, homeless shelter and nasty, filthy, abusive group homes. If you ever care to stop by The Paradise Center (505 S. Jennings), you can hear for yourself how life changing the center has been for many severely m.i. people who were on the verge of suicide everyday. If you would like for Lynne to give her 10 minute "sales pitch" at your next neighborhood meeting or organizational meeting, or would just like more info in general, or would like to hold a fundraising event to help the org get started, please contact her at . You won't be disappointed.

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