Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bush signs Second Chance Act into law..will it help homelessness in Ft. Worth?

"The Second Chance Act is designed to help reduce the number of convicted felons who become repeat offenders by funding job and literacy training, substance-abuse treatment, counseling, education, housing and mentoring services for ex-offenders upon their release."

According to the founder of Tarrant County Re-Entry Services and the local police officers that work the beat around ALL of the homeless shelters in the City of FW (East Ft. Worth-- not a good decision by Mayor & City Council years ago), we can count on 99% of the "chronically homeless" individuals that roam the streets of E. Lancaster and other parts as being x-convicts. Hopefully, the City of Ft. Worth and Tarrant County will ask for funds to "help" people get integrated with society and become self sustaining legally as opposed to continuing a life of crime in order to put money in their pockets. Notice that "housing" is not the first, second or third on the list in this article unlike our City government who say that "housing" is first priority. That's hogwash in my opinion and makes no sense long term.

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