Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm tough, I have a Pitt Bull

This dog was running down the street yesterday with an employee from Humane Society of North Texas (much different than City of Ft. Worth Animal Control) trying to rescue her which ended in success. Our Mayors and City Councils have not made Animal Control a priority and allocated the funds to make sure that we have a spay & neuter clinic until now. To this day, no dogs that leave the City's Animal Shelter are spayed/neutered. However, a voucher is given to adopters and they sign a sterilization agreement to have it done w/in period of time. Yhea right, and who checks on that process? Puh-leeze! Evidently construction started on new spay/neuter clinic one month ago and should be complete this coming summer. This City is so full of irresponsible, ignorant dog owners, you just don't realize how bad the problem is unless you live in East Fort Worth or near diverse communities of uneducated, low income residents. Please take the time to email the Mayor and City Council regarding this issue. I am a supporter of making it a law (like progressive Cities are doing) that all dogs 4 months of age be spayed/neutered unless the owner has breeding permit and has passed educational classes on proper, humane care of dogs. Drive deep in the neighborhood of East Ft. Worth and you will see how many pregnant, starving dogs there are running the streets. Mayor and City Council email addresses are:,,,,,,,,


Pete Wann said...

I actually got a citation for not reporting back that Barley had been fixed and vaccinated.

Our vet wouldn't do it because he was still recovering from the respiratory infections and mange that he wasn't treated for while at the animal shelter.

As it turns out, he had/has distemper, which he likely caught at the pound. The vet said they'd seen several (more than 3, fewer than 10) dogs fresh out of the pound with distemper, all within a month or so of our adoption. Barley is the only one who survived.

Suzette said...

Pete - So thrilled to hear that the CFW Animal Control is indeed checking on such and writing citations. That's great news. Thanks for the update.