Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cowtown Chronicles

Pete Wann has changed my life, really. I don't really remember how I came to know of his blogsite but I did, and I am an "enhanced" person because of it. Pete and I, obviously, are in "different camps" on the issue of the Presidential Race 08, however; we are still on "hugging terms" as of last Saturday, March 29th, 2008 (County Democratic Convention date (except for Collin County which had their's a day late)). I remember when I really first started visiting his site often, it was during the District 9 City Council race when his friend Bernie Scheffler ( )was running for City Council against Joel Burns (winner and seated Councilperson). Pete's website ( ) was a place I could go to get the lastest on what happened at public debates between the candidates. I felt like I "related" and agreed with every word he said -- so became a daily addiction for me. Then I heard about (which Pete is one of the four founders of) -- as a matter of fact, I believe I commented on the first day of public exposure of . Anyway, to make a long story short, Thanks to Pete and his friends that I can now "express" my thoughts and that's important in life; not to mention that Pete Wann is helping me "express my thoughts" and teaching me all about "sustainability" and the happenings of our great City of Fort Worth. As I say in my profile or somewhere on this site that I "enjoy" and "appreciate" the journey of life. It is indeed, very short.


Pete Wann said...

Thanks for the kind words, Suzette. I know we'll still get along after the campaign is through.

I've enjoyed our discussions as well.

Kim said...

It's through West and Clear that I found your blog, Suzette. I enjoy both blogs immensely. I feel a little bit more "in-tune" with this great city because of your two blogs. I'm also gaining a different perspective on certain city issues thanks to your blog. Keep writing, Suzette!

Suzette said...

Kim - Thank you for reading. I appreciate your comments. I to, feel a bit more in tune by reading blogs. Keep reading. :)