Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another water main break in Meadowbrook

A few posts down, I told you about the problem with water main breaks in my neighborhood. Found another one this evening. If you will look at the pictures closely, you can see that it wasn't that long ago that this very same main burst and has been replaced with new material, including parts of the street. Unfortunately, it didn't hold very long until oops...broke again. I did get a detailed response from CFW verifying that I have indeed witnessed 22 (23 now) water main breaks from my driveway in the past 3 years! Twenty-two?! That's alot to me. The CFW said it was because of the drought in 2005-2006 and explained how much the ground moves, etc.
Sure, that's another product of the "root of the problem." I believe it is because of mislead groups of people (City Council) term after term after term here in our great City of Ft. Worth. If you were really doing a great job of running the "business" of City Government then you would allocate enough funds to keep from WASTING millions of the taxpayer dollars on deferring and placing nothing more than band aids on the important concerns rather than addressing root causes!


The Whited Sepulchre said...

Give 'em hell, Suzette.

If you ever get a chance, drive on Lynnhaven between Meadowbrook and Barnett.

Then ask yourself "Why did they spend money putting speed bumps in the middle of all these damn potholes?"

Suzette said...

Thank you Whited! It's a great feeling to know that there really are those out there who understand what it is that I say. I hope to find lots more of you that agree on such things and maybe we can take the Eastside up a couple of notches. I drive down Barnett a lot and will take note of the speed humps in potholes. Thank you for the comment.