Tuesday, September 23, 2008

24 Water Main Breaks and Counting in East Ft. Worth

Several posts below I talk about the excessive amounts of water main breaks that I have witnessed in the past three years. (verified by CFW Water Dept.) As of today, here's one more that we can add to the list which I believe makes the count up to 24 breaks and counting. This is what I call poor planning, poor allocating of funding and poor job performance if you are, or have been a part of the Ft. Worth City Council in the past several years. What the heck are y'all thinkin up there at City Hall and who are you accountable to? Maybe if Ms. Kathleen Hicks is reading this blog she can let us know when we are going to get new pipes for our water system out here in the Meadowbrook neighborhoods. By the way, how many of our tax dollars have been spent on emergency repair expenses from water main breaks. That would include overtime staff hours, emergency weekend staff hours, all costs associated with street repairs around water main breaks, etc.

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