Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is what happens when City Government is allowed to turn a blind eye

You have water main break after water main break after water main break after water main break after water main break. You have big money being spent on quick fixes which includes overtime staff hours, weekend staff hours, etc. Someone in the neighborhood told me they stopped counting at 60 water main breaks. The count is enormous!! And Ft. Worth wonders why we are in such a budget crunch. It's simple. Our government officials are not working for "tha people." They are working for other things such as big money, big developments, big companies, big campaign donors, and who knows what else. Today, I counted two more water main breaks. Picture are above. One picture looks the same as the one a few posts earlier, but it isn't. Same street but further down. I don't see much different in Washington and Ft. Worth. Smaller group of people, but still politicians who stay in the middle of issues, don't stick their necks out too much and don't really care about the average taxpayer.

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