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Who is he really?

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Yes. Just google news "Obama stop smoking". It was widely publicized that his wife said he had to quit smoking before running for president,1,100344.story?coll=chi-news-hed .
He has stated that he chewed nicorette gum "strenuously". He said that he was never a heavy smoker but had smoked and quit several times in the past.

But what I think it is more telling is his discussion of his teenage years through college that he smoked marijuana, drank alcohol and used cocaine because he did not want to deal with questions of his ethnicity. I was reading several articles about his youth and excerpts from his books, Audacity to Hope and Dreams from my Father.
In his 1996 memoir, "Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance," Obama wrote candidly about his high school-era drug use: "Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though."
I think it is a unique personality that did not just "try" illegal drugs but actively used them over an extended length of time. That is a lot of choosing to engage in sneaky and illegal acts into adulthood. College students are considered adults. Sneaky and illegal --- yes. Buying and using cocaine ("blow") is not an open, legal, acceptable act.
He candidly tells high schools students that hen he was their age he "goofed off, drank alcohol, and used drugs. They think he is cool and that he "gets" them.
"Obama's revelations were not an issue during his Senate campaign two years ago. But now his open narrative of early, bad choices, including drug use starting in high school and ending in college, as well as his tortured search for racial identity, are sure to receive new scrutiny." Times article.
I think his his discussion of it with high school students is wrong. "Look Barry (the name he went by in Hawaii) Obama was a dopehead in highschool and college and now he running for president of the world's most powerful country." I can hear the teenagers now "Well Barak did it and he became president, what's wrong with me doing it?"
According to Barak Obama, while in Hawaii, he attended a "prestigous, private" school, not public school. He wants people to believe he just like them. In fact he is. He is a chamelion. If you are black--he's black, if you are white, his mother was white, if you are Muslim, he was raised by a Muslim and went to a Madrassa, if you are atheist, his parents were athiest too, if you are Catholic, he went to Catholic school two years, if you are Christian, he is now, if you are a smoker, he did too, if not, he quit, if you used drugs, he did too, if not, he doesn't anymore, if you are poor, he attended a poor school in Jacarta and saw poor people in Chicago, if you are rich, he lives in $1.6 million home, if you have a southern accent, so does he, if you don't, he doesn't either (compare his speeches from Alabama and Wisconsin).
Who is he really?


Anonymous said...

Based on what you just said, it's obvious, he is a straight out liar.

But the question should be, why would he make up these statements, why would he try to appease all these people.

Answer: Because he cares only for himself and his image. Do people actually think Obama cares for them? Please. The only thing he cares for is "power". He's shown this by quickly becoming a state senator, quickly becoming a US senate, and trying to quickly become our next president.

Why all this rush? This should be a question we should ask ourselves. His statement on CNN said that if he lost 11 or so vote, he would have dropped out. An obvious note he was making to Senator Clinton. Trying to get the nomination so soon, kind of makes you think why does he want her out of the race and him the nominee so quickly?

My thought is that he is afraid something might come out about him, his past and his policies, and we would be in a deadlock with no choice but to vote for him.

Spread the word. If Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Maria Estela Martinez de Peron (Argentina), Lydia Tejada (Bolivia), and there are a lot more to list, can serve as head of states, why are we, the united states have not been an example to ourselves?

Anonymous said...

I'm very uncomfortable with his background and with too many unanswered questions. I make responsible the media who fell in love with him without REALLY investigating facts from Obama.

I had a son who was in drugs. It destroyed our family. Now I'm divorced and I don't want my children to think that using booze and drugs is cool or it's the way to evade your problems. This is horrible and so sad. What's happened to America? He's a presidencial candidate, for goodness sakes, and he's setting such a bad example.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Look at how they attacked Bill Clinton so vigorously when he said he tried it and didn't inhale. Obama has, and from the way he has been speaking, looks like he still does.

Anonymous said...

So the reason why he did pot and cocaine is because he was battling problems with his identity??? Oh please, he did drugs because he liked it. He did drugs because he was an addict. Now that would have been honest. But no, it was because he had a problem with his identity and that makes it okay...many of us are mutts. Many of us battle with many problems, including identity and we do not take refuge in drugs. That makes you weak. Do we want a weak person for president? What is he going to do when he has a major fiasco on his hands, do a couple of lines of coke to bear the tension????

This is so sad. We are supposed to hold a president to higher standards. And pretty words aside, Obama isn't it.

Pete Wann said...

It's unbelievable how hard you anonymous commenters are looking for things to hate about Obama.

None of you struggled with your identity and maybe drank too much, or shopped too much or slept around a little in college or high school?

You attribute a meteoric rise to success not as something to applaud, but something to deride. "He can't possibly be as good as people say, look how quickly he's moving up! That obviously means he's hungry for power and won't stop until he has it all!" you say.

Regular citizens voted him in to office! You don't just wake up one day and say "I'm going to be a US Senator!" and then poof! you are.

I think you're all really just afraid that if Clinton doesn't get elected in this cycle then it'll be another 28 years (the time between Ferraro and Clinton) before there's a woman of similar stature to run again. You're completely blinded by pushing this "a woman MUST win at all costs" agenda that you're unwilling to accept that maybe Obama really is that good, and may even be the better candidate for THE COUNTRY, not just your narrow-minded ideology.

The last paragraph of the post is the best part, where it details all the ways that Obama is a "chameleon."

That's called finding common ground. That's what effective leaders do. So, yeah, he has been in a lot of situations and lived places and done things. That gives him a broader perspective than most politicians. That's (as Martha would say) a good thing.