Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bama Rama displays his "true-er" colors

Sort of reminds me of the sleezy tactics used in the District 9 City Council race right here in Cowtown, Texas.

I listened to Hillary Clinton's address and statements at the The Black Union in New Orleans. Bascially Hillary will pay for the subsidizes of her Universal healthcare plan by taking back the tax cuts for the wealthy and taking back tax breaks from drug and insurance companies that they never should have had in the first place. Obama's plan with have a "hidden healthcare tax" that you and I pay when an adult gets sick and has to go to doctor. We will pay for the Emergency room visit. If you dare to read other's comments, go to the link below.

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on your posting regarding Obama and his book, which he labeled something about his father -- he talks so much jargon, I can't remember exactly what the name is.

This man is going to name a book after his father who he didn't know that much about. I thought he was raised by his mother when his father was out of site. Shouldn't the best thing to do, being where he is now, name the book after the person who was there when his father was not? His mother?

He is so full of He is blinded by his sporadic, self indulgency that he is forgetting that these things that he is saying can be traced back to its origin.

What an idiot.

Your friend from (SeanNYC)