Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Noteworthy observation.......what's up with Black Men?

Saw this on another blogsite...thought it was noteworthy to publish......can't really say, "why" but nonetheless, (note: this is a quote from www.hillaryclinton.com)

"Today when I was holding Hillary signs, I can't tell you how many men gave me the thumbs up sign, how many white women. One notable exception was black men, they all averted their heads, pretended not to see me, one even walked by me, went to vote, and walked by me again without a word of greeting. Only one black woman gave me a smile and thumbs up. Again, based on my unscientific polling with my own eyes, it will break for Hillary along racial lines: Whites and Hispanics, Blacks for Obama. She will get some male votes: Whites and Hispanics, less Blacks."

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