Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In the words of an Obama crossover to Hillary Camp

A post from Valentine's eve:


Feb 13, 2008
I was asked to re-post this, as I got it on very late last night. ;.))) *******************************As many of you know, and are probably tired of hearing, I was a former Obama supporter. I liked his message of hope and yes, I did worry that Hillary might to too divisive. However, I have since come over to Hillary's side. One of the main reasons that I chose to work for Hillary in these important days is that I truly believe she is the candidate of substance. She's the only candidate that has a real plan for national health care. She's the only candidate who can stand up to John McCain on terror. She is the candidate who can produce REAL change in Washington, and most Americans believe she would be the best Commander-in-Chief. The other reason I left the Obama campaign is hypocrisy. Don't get me wrong, because I am not going to play their game -- Senator Obama is a wonderful, inspirational man who will be a good president some day. However, he has not impressed me with his leadership skills thus far.You'd have to be blind not to notice all the bloggers on here from the Obama campaign. I truly believe some of them work for the Obama war room. You know who you are, but do you all ever eat, sleep or pee? Nobody blogs 24/7. Real people have jobs. Real people go to school. These virtual people must earn a living and by posting all these blogs under the same screen name as operatives for the Obama campaign. You're giving yourselves away. And If I am not right about this, you all really need to get real lives. There is so much more out there. Go take the time to pee.This is the kind of thing the Obama camp does. As a former Obama supporter, I never saw an organized effort to blog for Hillary on their site like I do here. Never. Never, ever ever! I am appalled, appalled that Senator Obama would let his supporters spew innuendo that the Clintons are racists by using remarks blown out of proportion by MSNBC (GE). Senator Obama stands tall and clean by not attacking the other side, but he lets his young surrogates do all the dirty work for him. Brave, huh? Oh, that's right, we have one of those in the White House now. So much for changing Washington.The biggest atrocity: The Obama supporters want to disenfranchise the Florida and Michigan voters, after Senator Obama gamed the system and took his name off the ballot in Michigan so they couldn't be counted if needed, AND ran commercials here in Florida which was AGAINST THE RULES. Do they not understand that the 2000 recount is too fresh in the Floridians' minds? My grandfather fought for voter's and union rights. He would turn over in his grave if I worked for a campaign like that. Maybe the average Obama supporter is just too young to understand what voter's rights really mean? Maybe the Senator should take time away from his "love fests" to explain it to them.Obama supporters, if you really think your man is on the way to victory, instead of wasting your time here, you should be on your own web site figuring out how to win our votes and correct all the damage you have done with your childish posts and Republican rhetoric. You do not stand for change. You stand for the worst of the worst that Washington has to offer and that's why we cannot and will not support your candidate in November. Barrack Obama has gotten the ONLY vote he will EVER get from me, unless, he can show me that he is the real thing and unless you all who support him prove to me that you will be the first to live up to his words. Why should I change, why should Washington change, if you all won't? I still believe in all my heart that Hillary will win this nomination. People who voted for Senator Obama, like me, are turning against him, and we are sending the message to future primary voters not to make the same mistake! It only took two people.. me and one other woman in Iowa to start a campaign to vote for Hillary instead of Obama. People will see the light before this is over, but in the event you all pull off this "victory," please remember one thing-- Victory will only be sweet if we all defeat the Republicans together in November, and if you all keep this up and the Senator refuses to act upon his own "song," then I fear we won't be voting for him.Meanwhile, I pray the voters in the big states will deliver us a real president, Hillary! Hillary, we love you and you have been a true leader and will always be the best leader in my heart!God bless, and goodnight!
Posted by Mary Kay Feb 13, 2008 10:14 PM CST
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I suggest you post this on a more stable website; sometimes posts disappear with no reason given. Try even blogspot.
Johnathan Andrew Feb 13, 2008 10:23 PM

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Anonymous said...

We're glad you found the light and decided to leave Obama's camp. You're right, we do need someone strong to stand up to McCain. It's obvious Obama is not that person, and he has no real stance on issues. I really view him as a person without substance, and a person who is bland.

He knows that he is a good speaker, but that's all he does is speak nonsense. He needs to be a person that understands the issues inside and out. Not a person who relays to the public plans that were created by his staff.

With that said, I'm sure Hillary is going to win this primary and the general election. Now is not the time to take chances with Obama or McCain -- now is a chance for real change by a real qualified individual, and that individual is Hillary.