Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kicked Out By Intimidation.....well almost.

On a gorgeous night in downtown Ft. Worth, I think it was in October of 2007, I was invited by a dear friend of mine to attend a benefit for the Tarrant County Sickle Cell Association inwhich my City Council representative happens to be Executive Director. Since my friend had my ticket I could not get in without it as I was told at the check in desk (which happened to be my City Council representative's mother). I called my friend on my cell and met her at the entrance where she was waiting. It was a very nice event, lots of political office holders City & State, etc. After sitting down at our numbered table, a tall black man walked over to me, (one that had been called to the front desk when I arrived), and asked me to leave. I said, why I have a ticket. He replied, "because "they" don't want you here." He told me that if I didn't "get up," there would be a "Police escort" to get me out.
My first thought was to get up, so I proceeded to stand up....
My dear friend, basically said, "Over my dead body," she is my guest and I'll turn this MF out if you want to play that game. Go Ahead and call the Police.....she's my guest and she's gonna sit right here!" People sitting around us started to turn around to see what the ruckus was about. Then a female crony of my Council Rep's Moma came over to the intimitador and motioned for him to walk away ie. leave us alone now that the game was on.

Needless to say, I sat back down and had a lovely evening -- I knew my friend meant what she was saying and I surely didn't want the scene to escalate.

Interesting. ......Should I ask "why this happened?" ..........Huuummmm........I think not. Not right now at least. I just know it was "very odd." I felt like I knew exactly what it must have felt like back in the 60's when black people were asked to leave, or get off the bus, or you can't come in here, etc. I do at times wonder.... was it because I speak the truth when the truth hurts in regards to District politics? Is it because I'm a white girl who speaks the truth when the truth hurts in regards to District politics? Is it because I'm so outspoken in regards to District politics and what my City Council rep does and does not do? Is it because I DO NOT bow down to my City Council rep and act as if she were a "god?" Is it because I show respect to those who have earned it instead of giving it freely just because of a title? Why? Why was a "known community intimidator" sent over to kick me out of the benefit? Oh....and who is "they?" Would the definition of "they" be my Council Rep, her mother and their cronies? Lots of questions. Wonder if I'll ever know the answers...and do I really care?

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Angie said...

Wow! I can not believe that happened to you! I am glad you stayed, it proved that you are the kind of person that stands up for what she believes! To me it seems like you are getting your point accross, people are starting to notice you....Rock On Suzette! :)
Love Ya,