Sunday, November 4, 2007

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And always send money here -- this should be legal just as the drug of "alcohol" is legal. Not to mention the many of our youngsters that the "illegalization of" sends to jail and/or prison. We taxpayers end up paying the tab when they can't get a job because of their "record" for possession of the natural weed, marijuana!!! Send money and please frequent this site:


Kevin said...

You're very kind. :)

Suzette said...

Thanks Kevin...there are some that would very much disagree with that statement. It's usually ones who do not like to look truth in the eye.

Suzette said...

And Yes, I am for different paths for "possession only" charges for offenders. Some type of "investment" in that person as an American Human Being who's life can maybe be "saved" from a life in crime, imprisonment, streets, depressed, always on the run type life. More rehabilitation rather than cages, televisions, work out rooms, etc.