Friday, November 9, 2007

Fort Worth, Texas

Such an awesome City. Beautiful. Full of green trees, old buildings, new buildings, lots of homies, small, growing, not typical, full of culture, old school, new school, a Mayor who I think really does have some care for people, is a people person, sort of old school, but ...good hearted. Got a City Council who's sort of strange. Has some anchors, but lacking on the edges. Not really a "people's council," especially with the loss of Wendy Davis. She is a true leader. She is not afraid to speak up, she uses her brain, she's Bobby Brown (Whitney's) said, "Beauty, Brains & Balls." I hope she goes far in her career if she keeps herself in check and remembers that's it's about the "people"......not necessarily, your "friends", but "the people."

That's what all politicians should remember, but I think some, alot, ....nevermind.

Fort Worth needs to step up on the "progressivness" of the City and the "greening" of the City and by the way, UNCHAIN the dogs from their isolation! We are above that, as a society. Education is desparately needed along with some sobering the percentage of Fort Worth citizens who are mistreating dogs in the most inhumane ways of the 21st Century.
Dogs are not happy on a chain. It's against a dog's nature to be kept in isolation and restricted in movement. Unchain Fort Worth.

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Doug said...

Fort Worth is a fine place,needs a little help and I want to do my part to help. Like we should take a bycycle ride along Trinity Trails
where we could realy see Cowtowns