Friday, February 6, 2009

Why I didn't vote in previous City Council Elections -- Is it an issue with District 8 voters in Ft. Worth?

I have a suspicion that my opponent (there may be more), Kathleen Hicks, is going to make an issue out of my "no vote - no show" for City Council races in 2005 & 2007. Let me explain, in May 2005, I was your average 3rd shift hospital worker (Cook Childrens Medical Center - Ft. Worth, TX), I watched Main Street Media, cable news and a little bit of local news. How was I to know that there was a local City Council race going on? I was like the 90 - 95% of other Fort Worthians, I had no idea who my council person was, nor why it mattered, or why it was important for me to know. I never once, had a knock on my door, never once did I find any literature drop on my doorstep, never do I remember hearing much about any sort of local matter-to-me election going on.
In May 2007, same deal. However, at that time, I did know who my City Council "Representative" was, and what kind of attitude and demeanor she possessed. I wasn't impressed, nor would I have ever been a supporter of her politically. Her ways in dealing with me as a small business owner, in her crime filled District and a tax paying resident in her District, turned me against her, in a political sense. She had no opponent in the election, I surely wasn't going to support her candidacy, so why vote? Hold it against me if you so desire. It is what it is....that's my story, that's the truth, and I'm sticking to it.
I can do a better job at representing the people, than the currently seated Council member, Kathleen Hicks. I have better communication skills, I'm not uppity in my demeanor, I am an honest person, I have no desire to leave Ft. Worth, I am happy in Ft. Worth, I believe I can make a difference in this District; faster, and in a more diverse ways than my opponent could ever dream of doing. I have the experience in serving the public, I have the experience in working with people, I have a proven record of high work ethic, I have a history of honesty, I have a love for helping people (not enabling, but actually helping people!), I have an appreciation for accountability and I believe in personal responsibility....I care! I have political courage, I believe in my convictions, I am strong, I am a risk taker, I am an "old school," down-to-earth person who cares for my community.
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