Sunday, February 8, 2009

My opponent had me thrown out of her "District Town Hall" meeting on grounds of me "Campaigning in the House of God" but OK for her To Do.

It is interesting that she claims expenses for the "Town Hall" event on her Campaign Finance Report which proves that this event was a Campaign Event in the "House of God." I wonder if the hosting church is as concerned about that as they were about my campaign vehicle wrap interfering with their tax exempt status (as the Pastor was quoted as saying). So, in all truthfulness, I wasn't thrown out because I handed out a couple of my campaign cards "in the House of God" or because of my vehicle wrap parked on the "House of God's parking lot". I was thrown out because my opponent thinks she's above having competition and does not want the residents in District 8 to know they have a choice in choosing a Council representative! She says that "everyone was welcome." That is an untruthful statement! She also says in her District newsletter that "Residents turn out for Town Hall Meeting," I say, that's a misleading statement as most of the residents in the District didn't even know about the meeting. Same as the two years prior, about 5 white residents, 3 brown residents and 30 - 40 black residents turned out -- definitely not a very representative showing of the District! I have never been a member of her "Advisory Board" as she stated -- that's another untruthful statement!
It's time we elect someone to this City Council seat who truly cares about ALL of the people & Business Owners in the District and who will be truthful with the people! All of the pretending and fronting must stop! It's hurting the District and it's costing the taxpayers millions of dollars.

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