Monday, June 23, 2008

Does this mean FREE water for Chesapeake?

I noticed this long hose running from the drill site just of I30 in East Ft. Worth. I wondered where it lead from or to and what purpose it was serving. I happened to notice that it was hooked directly into the water hydrant as the picture above indicates. So, tell me, is Chesapeake paying for this water? What's up with this rigging on the fire hydrant? Ironically, I was down at City Hall today seeing how much it will cost me to get water available to a piece of undeveloped land, it will cost me $1950.00 to get a 1" water tap with 3/4" irragation meter. I happen to see on the City's price list that it cost $126,000 for a 10" (size may be wrong, but it was the largest one on the list that I saw). So why didn't Chesapeake just hook up a water meter at the drill site instead of the way we see in the pictures. Please someone help me out here.


Arty & Allyssa said...

That green thing between the hydrant and the hose is a meter. The company that requested that meter is responsible for payment of all water used. If the meter was not there, said user could be issued a hefty fine. You see this type of meter at construction sites where your water useage is temporary. You would only want to pay for an actual main tap if your needs were more permanent.

Suzette said...

arty & allyssa -

Thanks so much. All you said above is what I found to be true per the City of FW.

johnhspivey said...

Hey Suzette,
This is John and I think you're in a meetup group I recently organized. I've been looking through your blogs and find them really interesting! I agree with a lot of what you're saying... then I'll read the next blog article - and you zing me! Something I don't!! But all in all, I really enjoy reading your thoughts and rants!

I hope you're able to make the next meeting! BTW, I got linked to your blog from Whited Sepulchre's blog - who is also in our group! I'm talking about some local activism action items, which you seem more well versed than I'll ever be...(Trinity River Land Theft Vision, TCJC's Bridge to nowhere - er Radio Shack). I'd love for you to come and be sure to pipe up and set me straight if I don't have my info right!

Hope to see you soon!

Suzette said...

John - thanks for reading and thanks for the comments. I think the meetup group emails go to my other email which I haven't been checking on lately. I would love to hear more about your local activism action items. I love the idea. We are so non participatory as a community and society when it comes to our local, state and federal government. Yes some really speak up and attend meetings, but the vast majority of us do not, myself included. I will make it a point to attend your next meeting. Thanks again for reading and commenting.